We at BoroughCon are pleased to host Derek Muterspaw, the exemplar of the nerd’s nerd, the apotheosis of fandom. If he were just some half-talented balloon-blower-upper who showed up at cons and twisted out latex “light sabers,” he’d still be one of us. But, as Mr. PoppinTwist, he is not just one of us, he is above us — and on weekends we are lucky to have him among us. Mr. PoppinTwist’s artist’s eye and sculptor’s hand are evident in his creations; his dorky soul is manifest in his choice of subjects.

But what’s truly amazing about having him present at a pop culture convention is the infectious energy he brings. He makes time to engage with crowds at his workshops and talks with anyone who drops by his table.

Be sure to catch Mr. PoppinTwist’s act at BoroughCon, 10:30 a.m. Sunday in the Quad or drop by his table in the Exhibitors’ Hall (Taffner Fieldhouse). Especially if you’re bringing your kids. You’ll thank us. You’ll adore him.