Since his comics debut in 1973, Mike Grell has brought his own creations and their worlds to life with a cinematic style of visual storytelling. Some of his more famed work includes The Warlord, Starslayer, Jon Sable, Shaman’s Tears, Bar Sinister and Maggie the Cat. These, along with successful runs on such features as Batman, Iron Man, Green Arrow, James Bond: Permission to Die, the Tarzan Sunday comic strip and the internationally acclaimed Longbow Hunters, have won him the comic industry’s coveted Inkpot Award. He’s been voted to Wizard magazine’s Top 10 list of comic writers. In 1999, he published his first novel, Sable. Grell has also done design and illustration work for film production companies and book publishers. Prior to his career in comics, Grell was an illustrator in the U.S. Air Force, serving in Vietnam.