Emmy-nominated voice actor Jess Harnell, best known for his work on the WB’s Animaniacs and Sony’s Crash Bandicoot franchise, will be bringing his talents for character creation and celebrity impression to BoroughCon.

Named by Variety as a top-10 voice actor, Harnell is truly one of the best and busiest.

“If I wasn’t getting paid for this,” he told BoroughCon’s organizers, “I’d be doing it for free in a parking lot somewhere.”

Harnell has appeared on many of the most beloved animated series on TV, including The Simpsons, Fairly Odd Parents and Phineas & Ferb. In addition, he has dozens of  starring roles, such as Captain Hero on Comedy Central’s Drawn Together, Chilly and The Wicked King on Doc McStuffins, Cedric on Sofia The First and most famously Wakko on Animaniacs, a Steven Spielberg production and winner of multiple Emmy awards including Best Animated Series and the prestigious Peabody Award.

His voice has been heard on such live-action, primetime fare as The Practice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Chuck, served as announcer on America’s Funniest Home Videos and E! TV’s Celebrities Uncensored.

Harnell’s film credits include Finding Nemo, The Country Bears, Up and the Toy Story franchise. He was the only voice actor to portray two major characters in the Transformers films.

One of the top celebrity voice matches in the business, Harnell mimics over 150 celebrities — both speaking and singing — from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ozzy Osbourne to Elvis Presley to all four Beatles.

“If it’s related at all to the voice, I’d like to believe I can do it,” he said. “And if I can’t, I’ll work on it until I figure out a way that I can.”