Grizz Chapman, Tracy Morgan’s sidekick from the award-winning television network series 30 Rock, has been announced as a BoroughCon celebrity guest.

The show, which ran on NBC from 2006 to 2013, received numerous Emmy and Golden Globe Awards among its accolades. Chapman’s career is now emerging independently from that ensemble, with co-starring roles in such theatrical films as The Cobbler, Money Monster and Step 9. The distinctive, seven-foot-tall actor has also guest-starred on Blue Bloods and The Blacklist.

As impressive as this resume is, some might wonder how this connects to a convention like BoroughCon, with its focus on comic books, superhero movies, animation and such. But those who know Chapman wouldn’t wonder at all. Residents of the Morris Park section of The Bronx recognize him as the owner of The Lair, their neighborhood comic book store. He holds the unique distinction of being both a guest and a vendor at the inaugural BoroughCon event.