Mikomi Chan

    Mikomi has been an avid cosplayer since 2011, having discovered cosplay in her junior year of college. Early into her hobby, she decided to learn how to make her own costumes, as many of her favorite characters were not available to purchase online. Through hard work, determination and the help of her cosplay friends, Mikomi learned how to create beautiful costumes from comics, anime, video games, television, and movies. Mikomi continues to want to improve her art, and she has completed a formal leatherwork and woodworkapprenticeship under Dr. Mark Conley. Mikomi has been learning how to make armor and weapons for theater and reenactment purposes. Through the encouragement of her mentor, she opened her own costume design and fabrication business where she designs and creates costumes for clients all over the world.

    Mikomi’s cosplays have received acclaim both in and outside of the convention circuit. She has won multiple awards for both craftsmanship and performance in masquerades, and her costumes have been featured in newspapers, magazines, art galleries, television shows and multiple geek and pop-culture websites. She has worked as a booth cosplayer for several geek and cosplay companies and is currently sponsored as a content creator and costume designer for the E-sports apparel company, RE: Activ Designs. Mikomi has a passion for teaching the next generation of cosplayers and has led panels on different cosplay topics from how to get involved in cosplay, to leatherwork and many things in between at conventions from Chicago to South Carolina to New York. She loves leading panels and workshops at conventions, and she tries to fit as much educational content as she can into each one of her cosplay panels.

    Mikomi has also recently been hired as a content creator for the professional Esports company and team, Team DoubleTap. She writes articles and streams for the company.