Unlike most conventions, BoroughCon started out as an evolution to a predecessor, Knightrokon. Knightrokon, which was held in Orlando, FL, broke ranks with its contemporaries by taking place on a college campus surrounded by a thriving university atmosphere. Through this 5-year maturation process, my staff and I learned by trial and error why some conventions flourished and others failed. It was those insights that later proved crucial to building this basic idea into a well-oiled machine driven by efficiency and purpose.

“So, what makes BoroughCon different?”

No doubt it is a fair question and certainly one that requires thought to be answered sincerely. True, we are a convention that celebrates anime, gaming, comics, sci-fi, manga and much more — but so do many other conventions around the country. Sure, we feature among other things vendors/artists, top celebrity talent, panels and other standard convention facets.  However, the “BoroughCon difference” is embodied in our ethos. Each person involved in this convention, from directors to volunteers, brings not just experience, excellence, and efficiency to the convention but also unique perspective. We all have a love for the genre while understanding the realities of running a small business. It is this perspective that is the most valuable thing each staff member has to offer. This perspective is not just an aspiration but an understood way of life and cultural approach which we will use in executing this convention. Moreover, that perspective allows us to offer you, the attendee, the vendor, the artist or the volunteer, each a truly engaging and memorable experience. Our aim is to provide an experience that goes beyond the days of the convention itself by promoting our vendors/artists year-round. The Ethos of BoroughCon is not to design the convention around our needs, but look to the needs of the con-goer and the vendor/artists. We want to  proactively engage everyone who attends to ensure great con experience.  Put another away, it is our goal to create a more immersive and interactive experience for our attendees.

This ties into the other important element of the “BoroughCon difference”: our ‘client-based’, rather than ‘customer-based’, system. The ‘client-based’ system seeks to create an ongoing relationship that provides mutual benefits for success. The ‘client-based’ system has always made more sense to us since despite our varied and diverse backgrounds we all focus on the cultivation of an ongoing relationship between fans, stars, creators, and media rather than a single-minded, profit-driven approach.

In closing, my staff and I, as professionals and individuals, pride ourselves as a collective group that anticipates and then addresses the considerations of others; in a sense, truly ‘live in their shoes.’ While the devoted BoroughCon staff admittedly put in endless hours accompanied by blood, sweat and tears to facilitate the success of the convention, it would be nothing without you. I want to thank you for deciding to learn more about BoroughCon.  All in all, the ethos of BoroughCon is embodied as a collaboration of professionals from all walks of life sharing a common interest.