Convention Update #1

ThLogoings at BoroughCon are moving on schedule. We’ve locked down the venue at St. John’s University. We can’t say enough great things about the folks at St. John’s. They have bent over backwards to accommodate us and are pulling out all the stops. When this is Con is a blow out success, a large part of the create will belong to the University.

We’ve signed up with Signature Bank. They are a Queens based bank, small enough to give us the personal service we need and large enough to handle our banking needs. Also, being from Queens they have been very pro active in introducing us to the Queens business community. Kudos to our new banker Diego Pinzon and his team.

NYC and Company, the officially marketing organization of  the City of New York  has been working  very closely with us to promote the Con. They have been a great help in introducing BoroughCon to potential sponsors. As excited as we are with the project, every business we speak to about this is even more so. It’s not merely that we’re running a Con in the Capital of the World, but that we’re doing it in Queens.

More to come.